Peterborough Prom Show

Sparkling Super Sunday

Sunday 7th Feb we stepped out of our comfort zone that is Swanky Rags headquarters in Broadway and set up a stand at the arena for the Peterborough Prom Show.

The day was full of exciting young ladies all looking for that special dress and we were so very happy to meet many of you . The day was a success for both shoppers,browsers and stall holders as we all shined , dazzled and sparkled our way through the day.

Many dresses were tried on and many young ladies looked amazing.

Thank you to everyone who came I hope your day was as successful as ours was.

2015 Dresses

Here at Swanky Headquaters we are so excited as the 2015 dresses have started to arrive.

Early ??? Oh yeah , but now’s the time to come and get your dress as these styles are EXCLUSIVE to us in the South of  England  .Stock is LIMITED and UNIQUE to us , so if you want to look different to everyone else then come see what we have for you.

Illusion by Tiffany will be arriving later in the year and can be re-ordered , you choose the dress, colour and size and we order it in for you.